ROM Analysis Tool – New Project

We’ve turned our command line analysis tool, capable of finding most 2D and 3D tables inside a ROM file, into a library. Now this is being consumed by our new project, a GUI tool with graphing and basic editing features.
Although RomRaider ECU definitions XML export has been working fine, the edit-XML-then-view-in-RR roundtrip is too slow and cumbersome for hundreds of tables.
With the new tool we can read a ROM file directly (takes about a second on a fast machine), browse/search/view through the tables, add metadata (title, axis names, units), correct data type if necessary etc.
Adhering to our “Linux first” policy, the tool runs on Linux. Does work on other platforms, too.
Technologies/Libraries used: Mono, Gtk#, NPlot.
Viewing 2D and 3D data has been implemented, other UI stuff is not quite there yet.
Couple of screenshot pieces on Linux x64:


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