ROM Tool Alpha Working

Updated 2011-01-07.
Alpha version is working great, already very fast and effective. Expect generated RomRaider compatible XML definitions output soon.

  • Finds most 2D & 3D tables (petrol or diesel, 32 bit ROMs only)
  • Nice data visualization.
  • Provides lots of info as it reads/checks all table related data. All columns can be sorted and searched.
  • Adding/changing metadata like title, axis names, units, category, description is easy.
  • Changing storage type (int8, uin16 etc.) just takes two clicks.
  • Can export data in RomRaider ECU def XML format.
  • multi-platform (Linux & Windows at least)


9 responses to “ROM Tool Alpha Working

  1. Is this tool available as part of FreeSSM? Sounds like it would really help those of us doing ECU defs over at RomRaider.


    • Hi, I’m the main author of this tool.
      There’s no direct affiliation to FreeSSM other than we do like open source, especially stuff running on Linux.
      ScoobyRom public alpha will be published within, let’s say, a week!
      License is GPLv3, source control is git, language 100% C# using Gtk# multi-platform UI, same EXE should run on both Linux and Windows – maybe on other platforms, too.

      Thing is still under heavy development, serious limitations do exist:

      • cannot load RR XML format (only export)
      • cannot edit map content (can do this with RR though)
      • cannot add undetected records yet

      Some of these issues might be fixed in the future.
      Main feature is that is very fast to work with, preview icons help a lot.
      Thank you for your interest – makes sense to publish it soon!


      • IIRC a RomRaider guy (dschultz?) already had a tool for finding tables, just without a GUI so it seemed.


      • That’s correct, it wasn’t my idea for sure.
        I started coding the basic search-stuff in order to confirm the method and check success probability. As it seemed successful I went on to create the GUI app.
        The experience gained, especially on visualization stuff, should be helpful in the future. Overall speed is better than I expected. On my moderate laptop it looks and feels like a native Gtk+/KDE app. On Windows startup is noticably slower due to foreign UI (has to load additional DLLs), though.
        Now that most important features work I think we should focus onto other projects.


  2. @All: ScoobyRom should be ready next week. Currently doing small improvements, icons, OSS license stuff and so on. Not my favorite type of work but in the process I am adding small new features.


  3. There has been some alpha testing roundtrips.
    Hopefully I’ve fixed a plot-not-showing bug on Windows.
    Will upload the whole thing tomorrow in any case.


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