3D Charting Added

Thanks to gnuplot it didn’t take much to add this feature. Results are quite impressive already.
Screenshot taken on Linux OS, showing map from Impreza Diesel JZ2F401A:

Some gnuplot features I’d like to point out:

  • free and open source
  • multi-platform
  • Easy and fast to install on Linux as distro repos have packages.
  • interactive window (rotate, zoom, scale and move z-axis)
  • tons of features e.g. contour lines (scientific background, PDF manual has 220 pages)
  • Easy to script and template.
  • Supports many output formats. Besides interactive, my personal favorite is SVG – pure vectors and high quality printout. I recommend Inkscape, some Linux distros have it pre-installed.
  • Can read binary data directly, that’s what we’re using in this case (matrix of 32-bit floats).

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