2D-Table Recognition Improved

With the ROM-tool I’ve been wondering why certain 2D-tables weren’t recognized.
Turned out these tables have duplicate points in them – Denso’s fault!
By relaxing axis values validation code (xn ≤ xn+1 instead of xn < xn+1) I solved the problem.

Download small generated RR def XML containing nine calibrated sensors for Impreza JZ2F401A (and Forester JP3F501A) here: 2009_2010_Impreza_2.0_Diesel_6MT_EDM_JZ2F401A_Sensors.xml.zip.
Rename to .zip and extract XML file for RomRaider.

Certainty for eight sensors is high, the special 9th one I don’t know yet – might be unused.
Other sensors like those for pressure probably don’t need calibration tables (linear) so they don’t show up here.


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