ECU connection problem Euro5 v2

Update 2011-04-19: Apparently SSM via CAN does work on Euro5 while SSM via serial does not. Therefore Euro5-owners might need a CAN interface – more expensive, less software support, unfortunately. Not sure yet if serial diagnostics can be activated somehow or does not exist in ROM anymore. Euro4 supports both methods out of the box.

Apparently people cannot connect to Euro 5 Boxer Diesel ECUs using SSM software like RomRaider or FreeSSM.
Such applications use standard SSM2 protocol (4800 baud over serial K-Line, OBDII pin# 7).
All I can say for now is we’re starting to investigate, just takes time as our tech guys don’t own such new models.
Please let us know if any (non-OBDII protocol) software is working with your Euro 5 model.

Did anyone owning Openport 2.0 interface try standalone-logging via CAN method (logging to memory card) yet?

We could also use pics from OBDII port (below steering wheel) with metal pins visible for confirmation. OBDII port changes are unlikely, though, there should still be lots of other control units talking serial protocols.


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