DPF Light


  • Do consult your car manual! Unfortunately owner’s manuals lack useful details.
  • Please also read our DPF management page.
  • Same DPF light logic in Euro 4/5/6 ROMs.
  • DTC numbers differ across boxer diesel generations.

Applies To

All Boxer Diesel models fitted with closed-type Diesel Particulate Filter (managed DPF), emissions spec Euro 4, 5, 6.

Therefore does NOT apply to early diesel models equipped with open-type DPF (MY 2008/2009 Legacy/Outback). These do not have DPF management at all in software, no sensors, no DPF light, a lot less to worry about!


Constant light means “Soot High Warning“, also called “Vehicle Speed Request“.

According to manual, one should drive for at least 15 minutes at 60+ km/h, providing favorable conditions (exhaust gas temperature high enough) for active DPF regeneration to start (and ideally complete) in order to reduce soot.

Steady light is triggered by single condition:

  • Soot Accumulation Ratio > 85%

According to ROM logic, steady light will turn off when soot drops below 75% (hysteresis).

If there’s any error condition, see below, the error has higher priority, always resulting in flashing mode.


Flashing/blinking means “Error“, any of the four possible conditions can trigger this mode right away – without showing steady light before.
The manual usually states something like: go to Subaru dealership for inspection. Waiting too long might worsen the issue! Mileage driven with light ON can be recorded by ECU and read out with software!

  1. Oil Dilution Ratio ≥ 10% (also sets DTC P1468 Oil Dilution). Remember, as dilution is just a rough estimate, the value and therefore this error can easily be false! Might disappear when dilution drops below threshold due to calculated evaporation, see post Oil Dilution Graph. Dealership might have forgotten to reset oil dilution at oil change – seen this many times on forums.
  2. Compulsory regeneration required, also called “Dealer Visit Request“; e.g. Soot Accumulation ≥ 100%; ECU does not try active regen anymore unless soot drops to normal level
  3. Ash Accumulation Ratio ≥ 100% (also sets DTC Ash Overfill). Need to clean or replace DPF and tell the ECU to reset this value.
  4. DPF Limp-Home Mode (also sets DTC DPF Limp-Home Mode).

DPF Light Control

At ignition ON, the DPF light illuminates for two seconds exactly – light test –  and should stay off afterwards, indicating normal condition. Otherwise see above.

On Impreza Euro 4 / 5, ECU operates DPF light using CAN message 0x600 byte 0 bit 1, bit = 1 means light ON.

Euro 6 just seems to use different CAN IDs and frame contents.

Like we did in above GIF animation, flash rate is 400 ms/400 ms on/off (8/8 CAN messages at 50 ms interval), respectively. There are no other stock flash modes. In the future we’d like to use DPF light for additional purposes e.g. indicating active regeneration by implementing a different flash rate. We already did a patch using DPF light to indicate active regeneration: Diesel ECU Patch v1. For source code see post DPF Light Patch.


  • 2016-10 incorporate Euro 6 findings

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