Stand-alone logging v2

Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 only!

Updated 2010-04-23: added important switch “DPF_Active_Regeneration”
Updated 2010-04-19: slight logcfg.txt cleanup

Here’s a simple config file for stand-alone logging, designed for diesel models. Pretty simple, very incomplete.
Would be great if Euro5 model owners could give this method a try. Remember: no contributions – no support from us!

Save text below as logcfg.txt on microSD card, root folder. This config causes logging using SSM via CAN, starts immediatly (sending requests = green LED) when device is plugged into OBDII port.
PC must not be connected to interface. You can keep USB cable attached to device – does not matter. When ignition is on it should receive data (red LED), blue LED flashing indicates data is being written to memory card.

; SSM via CAN, Euro4/5: ssmcan
; SSM via Serial (K-Line, may work on Euro4 only): ssmk
type = ssmcan

paramname = Coolant_Temp_[°C]
paramid = 0x08
scalingrpn = x,40,-

paramname = Manifold_Absolute_Pressure_[kPa]
paramid = 0xD

paramname = RPM
paramid = 0x0E
databits = 16
scalingrpn = x,0.25,*

paramname = Vehicle_Speed_[km/h]
paramid = 0x10

paramname = Manifold_Air_Temp_[°C]
paramid = 0x12
scalingrpn = x,40,-

paramname = Mass_Air_Flow_[g/s]
paramid = 0x13
databits = 16
scalingrpn = x,0.01,*

paramname = Throttle_Opening_Angle_[%]
paramid = 0x15
scalingrpn = x,0.3921569,*

paramname = Battery_Voltage_[V]
paramid = 0x1C
scalingrpn = x,0.08,*

; DPF ------------

paramname = Soot_Accumulation_Ratio_[%]
paramid = 0x00027B

paramname = DPF_Active_Regeneration
paramid = 0x0001CE
databits = 1
offsetbits = 3

paramname = Regenerations
paramid = 0x00029D
databits = 16

paramname = Distance_After_Regeneration_[km]
paramid = 0x00029B
databits = 16

; SWITCHES ------------

paramname = clutch_sw
paramid = 0x121
databits = 1
offsetbits = 7

paramname = brake_sw
paramid = 0x121
databits = 1
offsetbits = 3


; trigger commented out, should already log at ignition on
; only log when the engine is running
;conditionrpn = RPM,0,>
;action = start

;conditionrpn = RPM,0,==
;action = stop

Generated logfile is in CSV format, easy to load into spreadsheet app, content looks like this:



5 responses to “Stand-alone logging v2

  1. I tried this on my car, but nothing was logged at all. I wonder if it is because I have an 8GB MicroSD card and that the Tactrix can’t support the SDHC spec. But the card is visible in the Tactrix when I plug it into the PC.


    • Correction, I did get data, but due to a Windows bug it wasn’t visible until I messed around with the computer a bit. It never realized that the Tactrix plug was unplugged and replugged. 😦


      • To be perfectly clear, is your log data valid, meeting expectations?
        If yes, that means SSM2 via CAN (type = ssmcan) method is working on Euro5 models, too.

        SSM2 via Serial (RR, FreeSSM, …) is NOT working on your car, correct?
        Please try changing protocol in config file to type=ssmk (SSM via the K-line). Probably not working on Euro5 ?


  2. I can confirm that type = ssmcan does work while type=ssmk does not.

    That on my 2010 Legacy.


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