Euro5 Topic Update

It has been confirmed, Euro5 diesel maintenance operations do require the new CAN-based protocol. Independent of connection type (serial/CAN), apparently one cannot do (most of) these actions via SSM2 anymore as SSM2 “instruction set” has been reduced compared to Euro4.
In addition there’s new security built into those Euro5 ROMs. Maintenance actions might require a challenge-response sort of key, no real problem though.
Main problem is, none of our tech savvy personnel owns rather new models – very cumbersome developing stuff this way. So unless Euro5 guys dig into ROMs/protocols/programming, there’s little chance for free software support. We’ve got plenty of work to complete already – reflashing software, SSM2viaCAN-logging…
As for ScoobyRom software, this one I already updated. v0.6.2 features Euro5 SH7059 (1.5 MiB) diesel ROM support, no further enhancements.
We hope to get Euro5 ROMs dumped from ECUs soon as SH7058S/7059 microcontrollers are very similar.


One response to “Euro5 Topic Update

  1. Hi!

    I own an Euro5-Subaru-Impreza.
    I am a Software Developer (high-level languages like c#).
    How can I help? (you can contact me via mail)

    best regards


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