Diesel ECU Patch v1

Finally, now that we are able to reflash diesel ECUs it makes sense to do some changes – or improvements as we think of it.
Couple of things already implemented and working perfectly:

  • Added SSM2 getter function Engine Load, using standard definition 0x000007, x*100/255 [%] – unused in stock diesel ROMs. As engine load value is being calculated internally anyway, also available as OBDII Mode 1 PID 0x04, it makes sense to provide this in SSM2 protocol, too. Very easy to do actually, just a single function pointer change – 4 bytes.
  • Added SSM2 getter function Gear, standard def 0x00004A, x+1 [-], unused in stock ROMs. Tiny function required because of +1 offset.

Btw, as with all SSM2 functions, the physical layer does not matter – any SSM2 function gets called via both serial (Euro4) and CAN connection. Diesel ECUs typically have SSM2 virtual address space 0x000000-0x00034F. That’s 848 function pointers, plus same amount in SSM2-write vector table. You could hook up a lot non-standard things as there are plenty of unused addresses…

  • Modified SSM2 init capability bits accordingly. That way above additional params do show up automatically on ALL SSM2 capable software (RomRaider, FreeSSM, SSM3, DashDAQ ?, …).
  • DPF light active regeneration flashing mode. Applies to closed-type DPF models only. Stock behavior (steady on and error flashing) is untouched, we managed to append own additional code. New code part checks if any stock DPF light mode is currently active. If not, it checks DPF regeneration flag, and only if true it performs this new flashing mode. It’s particularly useful at low engine speed – warning driver that additional turbo lag can occur. Remember, engine management reduces boost and manifold air pressure – sometimes a lot – when active regen is in progress.
    Update: got very positive feedback on this one. Even on a bright sunny day looking through the windshield, that blinking light on dashboard gets noticed immediatly. Whole thing is only a screen page of easy C++. Kudos to GCC, v4.6.x generated code is awesome – highly efficient.

Right now this is all internal, experimental, Linux-centric stuff. Availability of our services to the public will be discussed. It meant many months of full-time work to get this far, call for open source collaboration (less work for everyone) did not work…


2 responses to “Diesel ECU Patch v1

  1. Great work. Even though I have decent programming skills I would never touch the ECU of my Outback because… well.. CAR! But having no idea on car engines at all articles like this help me (as a programmer who never got oily hands) a lot to take away my fear of discussing with a mechanic in the garage what is a necessary fix and what is not. Thank you!


    • Hi, IMHO, as everywhere, it really depends on skills and experience. If you really know what you are doing, it’s rather safe to modify firmware… Never had any issues like reboots or limp mode during driving, knocking on wood…


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