RomRaider Logger Status

Kudos to RomRaider for including diesel definitions!
Especially interesting for people driving both petrol and diesel cars, no need to use separate definition files.

Links to RR pages:
Latest app version: RomRaider 0.5.3b RC9
Latest definitions: (2011-04-04) Experimental Logger Definition Updates

The application can only do SSM2 via Serial, no CAN protocol(s) support for Euro5 diesels I’m afraid. TCU support has been added, too, but then again, diesels only have MT.

We’ve spotted some extended diesel parameter errors, easy to fix in XML, though. Still safe to use, won’t hurt ECU, just expect some weird data. Will upstream any corrections to RR source of course…


2 responses to “RomRaider Logger Status

  1. The latest app should be updated to indicate RC9.
    Please let RR know of any logger definition errors so they may be corrected (note that some signed parameters are not supported by the logger yet).


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