Coolant Temperature

Like all or most engine related sensors, coolant temperature is being digitised by ECU. There’s a 2-dimensional table to convert measured sensor voltage to temperature result inside ROM:

Calibration curve is typical for a NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistor.
Moving on to combination meter, coolant temperature lights are driven by ECU CAN output, precisely CAN-ID 0x600 byte 3. That byte contains coolant temperature, conversion formula is “x-40 [°C]“.
There are no additional flags for the dashboard lights. Meaning combination meter computer parses coolant temperature from CAN frame and decides on its own.

EXACT conditions, confirmed by testing: 1

Light Coolant
Boxer Diesel combination meter light when coolant is cold. < 50 °C (122 °F)
≥ 112 °C (234 °F)

A possible way to change stock thresholds is to modify ECU ROM resulting in faked 0x600 coolant temperature value output. This has already been tested working. However, other control units then read wrong temperature, too, resulting in possible side effects – especially if the offset is significant.

Coolant temperature certainly has effect on:

  • A/C (can hear actuator move depending on temperature)
  • BIU (copies data onto low speed bus)
  • Combination Meter

Didn’t have time to investigate low-speed CAN bus and BIU (Body Integrated Unit) yet. In theory, BIU could transform data from high-speed (ECU, VDC/ABS etc.) to low-speed bus instead of just copying it. Anyone knows? BIU is the gateway, the only control unit connected to both CAN busses. Combination meter is on low speed bus for sure.

1) No hardware has been harmed, we’ve used CAN injection/simulation.


2 responses to “Coolant Temperature

  1. Hey, how did you tell the ECU to stop sending coolant temperature itself ?


    • Hi, early in the firmware update procedure of many ECUs you would tell it to stop sending application frames. Might also speed up tester to/from ECU communication.
      Can’t remember command bytes but I am pretty sure I had used this trick.
      Once ECU had stopped sending its frames, I injected own frames generated by laptop, simulating the ECU.


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