Electrical Power Steering

Normally power steering control unit only activates steering assist when engine is running.
Now we have found a way to activate this while keeping the diesel engine off, used method needs CAN software though.
This way one can listen to any steering noises that would otherwise be drowned out by the engine, useful for diagnostics. The electrical motor is pretty quiet but noticable at engine off.
Update: There’s also a harsh method – just stall the engine deliberately – power steering keeps ON till ignition off.


3 responses to “Electrical Power Steering

  1. It’s possible than simply rotating a wheel w/ the key on will activate the steering too. Certainly this is the case with our Pug 307…


  2. Normaly all elctrical power steering only need a ignition signal (cl. 15 e.g.) and engine speed to be switched on..
    This can be stimulate via CAN manitpulation..

    You can also make the streering wheel run without hands on it, if you give a manipulated streer angle signal via CAN, too


    • Possible. So far in our testing we didn’t mess or interfere with existing CAN frames. As for the ECU there’s an elegant solution, it can be told to stop sending frames – no need to disconnect ECU physically.


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