Diesel ECU Patch v2

Patched the CAN-handler responsible for the SSM2-Read-Addresses (A8) command. Now we’ve got high-speed full RAM access.
Euro4 stock ROMs prevent RAM access (0xFF**** addresses) via CAN (ISO15765 actually). Previously we had to resort to slow SSM2 via Serial protocol.

The static screenshot does not really tell the difference though. This Linux application can do both modes. Speed in comparison is like this: logging roughly 120 items using SSM2 via CAN updates all values fluently – no noticable delay. In serial mode, it takes multiple seconds for a single refresh – really major difference!

Planned: Implementing CAN block read command for even more performance e.g. quick RAM snapshots. Either command “A0” like SSM2 via Serial or Extended OBD-II mode 0x23 (stock Euro5 diesels have this), or both.


5 responses to “Diesel ECU Patch v2

  1. Nice to read about all this patching stuff..
    But I cannot find the dump to download and test by myself ?

    What´s about the flasher witch you want to delvellop?
    Nothing to read about that anymore 😦


  2. ok.. I understand this page as a open knowlegde base for revers engineering and to share informations about the boxer diesel, but you (stek80 and subdiesel) seem to be the only ones who can use the results.
    Sorry for that..

    Maybe you guys will sell the patches, logger and flasher oneday ?


  3. Are you still working on this ?

    Is it possible to get the path V2 or V1 to use it in my car ?
    I am able to flash with Piasini SerialSuit.
    My actual software is 22611AP285


  4. RomRaider is able to log CAN protocol now, so SSM-parameter can be logged.
    But no ECU-parameter because of missing CAN-patch

    CAN you provide us a CAN-Patch for actual Impreza EURO5 software ?



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