This site publishes some technical information about Subaru Boxer Diesel models and related topics.

Couple of points:

  • No guarantees on any information and software.
  • There are no products to be sold on this site.
  • We don’t reveal confidential data. Also, no technical data of real value to other manufacturers. (No complaints so far.)
  • SDC does not get any income from linking to other sites/products or publishing this website – any ads you might encounter are due to free hosting on wordpress.com.
  • This site was originally founded to combine efforts, publish useful information and create free applications. Turned out there are too few people capable or willing to contribute or donate.

If you have any useful data (ROMs, ROMID/ECUIDs, links to specifications, PDFs, pictures, etc.) please get in touch!
Greetings and thanks to all contributors!

Personal notes:
I, subdiesel, main author of this site, do not own a Subaru Diesel car anymore, stopped DIY extensive research and development a long time ago. However, I still do stuff for all kinds of Boxer Diesel models every now and then, effectively covering all generations from model years 2008 (Euro 4) to 2017+ (Euro 6). In recent years I am also applying deep system knowledge to other Denso diesel based brands like Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota.

Help in car diagnostics etc. is possible, depending on the subject. For example, reading a control units RAM yields thousands of values, order of magnitudes more than standard OBD-II and proprietary diagnostic protocols have to offer. Interpreting such data and/or properly modifying stock firmware requires source-code-like understanding however. In other words, I don’t do cheap or risky hacks.

Over several years I have been working for multiple car tuning software companies in various countries, also covering completely different car brands. BMW for example where hacking strong cryptography (RSA signatures) is required.

ECU types I have been working on mostly: Denso (MCU: Renesas SuperH), Siemens and Bosch (Infineon TriCore).



Due to spamming, comments from new users have to be approved first, meaning it might take days for new comments to appear. Depending on the subject it might be better to post in Subaru specific forums instead.


Email might change, check current address here first:

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9 responses to “About

  1. I’m chuffed your site is active again. So looking forward to updates. Thanks for the great work so far.


  2. Hello,
    My Outback MJ 2008 euro4 had a severe motor damage for two years and was standing without a motor till for three weeks i became an other motor from an accident car MJ 2009 euro5 with 80.000 km
    The injektors of the old motor are 16613AA020 and from the new motor 16613AA030.
    The car is running now but the Subaru dealer can´t write the ID-codes of the 16613AA030 in the ECU of my car
    ( B2E6EEE2F1EBEBF2E8DFEDE2E10082 ).
    The Euro4 16613AA020 ID-codes starts with B3 from the old motor.
    Is there a trick how you can use and kalibrate the newer 030 injektors in my MJ 2008 Outback ?
    Are the newer 030 Injektors better than the 020 ones?



    • HI,
      Bert Bouma

      I search more

      I would like to know how you did for your injectors?


    • Sorry for the late reply as I missed your comment.
      My analysis so far suggests that injector code first byte (Euro 4: B3; Euro 5: B2; Euro 6: B6) isn’t just a type identifier that can be faked. Payload calibration data meaning probably differs as well. Remember, rail pressure has been increased over boxer diesel generations and injectors differ as well. One could adjust first byte (asserted by ROM) and checksum to make Euro 4 ECU accept the Euro 5 injector code. However this might do more harm than good.


  3. Hi, I have a different problem to solve and this looks close to what I need to do. To Start with, I am putting a 2015 FB25 engine in a VW Vanagon Camper van. I only want the wiring I need to run the engine off it’s base maps from the ECU. So I have removed the AirBag, Transmission, VDC, controllers from my wiring harness. Still starts and runs but only in “FailSafe” or “Limp” mode. To correct this I need to pump CANBus packets with the same info that the removed controllers did to keep the ECU happy and let it run the base maps…
    I would like to snoop the CANBus, Identify packets I need, and create a ROM and pump the missing packets just like the missing controllers did.
    Is this something somebody is familiar with and can help or steer me in the right direction???
    thanks much,


    • The FB25 is a gasoline engine, I suggest that you join legacygt.com – there are a lot of information on that site with members that have knowledge about Subaru.


  4. I looked on legacygt.com but there is nothing about CANBus ID’s and VDC… which should be the same for gas or diesel


  5. I’m going to be emailing subdiesel a Wireshark trace from a petrol MY2009 USDM Outback 2.5i with the Special Edition package. That and his knowledge of which CAN IDs usually come from which devices might be useful. Or, I may possibly figure out a good place to put the files where they won’t count against my nearly full Dropbox space limit… 🙂

    However, based on some of the comments in https://subdiesel.wordpress.com/ecu-analysis/can-messages/ – the CAN IDs may have completely changed when Subaru changed generations – MY2009 was the last model year of its generation for Outbacks/Legacies. (see ehsnil’s comment) On my MY2009, most of the CAN IDs are similar to what subdiesel posted (with a few differences, likely due to petrol vs. diesel – I’m seeing IDs 412, 420, 421, 422, 601 in addition to what he describes. I do not see 80 or 550 on my bus.

    Also – you are correct. This is basically the only place I know of where anyone is talking about the CANBus traffic of a typical Subaru. I’ve never seen technical discussion of this kind over on subaruoutback.org


  6. Cristobal Martinez

    Hi everyone.
    I am a happy subaru outback diesel 2015 BS with 26t Km. Warranty is about to end soon, so I will do my maintenance to make sure it is done properly.
    I am planning to install in the CVT+front+read diff Dimple magnet drain plugs. Any one have done it? where can I buy it please? thanks. Cris


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