Car Model Overview

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Model year is 10th digit/character of VIN: 9 = 2009, A = 2010, B = 2011, C = 2012, D = 2013, E = 2014, F = 2015, G = 2016, H = 2017, (no ‘I’!), J = 2018, etc.

Model Year Available Model Emission Standard Comment
Boxer Diesel generation 1 (MY2008-2010):

  • Euro 4 emissions spec
  • open-type DPF (just accumulates and releases soot, unmanaged, no exhaust gas temperature (EGT) sensors etc.)
  • ECU chip: SH7058S
  • injection system: Denso G2, max. 180 MPa
MY08 2008-Mar Legacy, Outback Euro 4 5MT, open-type DPF
MY09 ? Legacy, Outback Euro 4 5MT, open-type DPF
updated gen1:

  • closed-type DPF (managed by ECU in software, 2 EGT sensors, active regenerations required)
  • gearbox: 6MT
MY09 2008-Sep Forester Euro 4
MY09 2009-Jan Impreza Euro 4
MY10 2009-??? Impreza Euro 4 ECU and software matches MY09
Boxer Diesel generation 2 (MY2010-2011):

  • Euro 5 (intake manifold made of black resin material instead of bright aluminum casting)
  • slightly modified engine, upgraded injection system (Denso G3)
  • additional sensors, all handled by ECU:
    • battery current sensor
    • battery temperature sensor
    • oil level switch
  • new ECU type (SH7059 chip)
  • new CAN-based diagnostics:
    Extended OBD-II, SSM2 via Serial not supported anymore, SSM2 via CAN working but reduced features.
  • Also available in Australia – no Euro 4 models there.
MY10 2009-Sep ??? Legacy, Outback Euro 5 new body style
MY10 2009-??? Forester Euro 5
MY11 2010-Sep Impreza Euro 5
MY11 ??? Forester Euro 5
Boxer Diesel generation 3 (MY2012-2014):

  • Main shaft speed sensor (over-rev warning, max. speed recorded by ECU)
  • modified engine, new turbo
MY12 ? XV Euro 5 6MT
MY13 ? Outback Euro 5 6MT or Lineartronic (CVT)
First diesel model with CVT.
Boxer Diesel generation 4 (MY2015+):

  • Euro 6
  • further emissions reduction technique added: low pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR). This way Subaru does not use urea injection (SCR).
  • modified engine, more actuators and sensors
  • upgraded injection system (Denso G4, max. 200 MPa)
  • injectors can be replaced without taking out the engine
  • new ECU type (SH72543R chip)
MY15 ? Outback Euro 6 6MT or Lineartronic (CVT)
MY15 2015-Apr Forester Euro 6 6MT or Lineartronic (CVT)
First Forester diesel with CVT.



One response to “Car Model Overview

  1. Hello,

    I’m looking for Subaru Impreza Boxerdiesel 2.0D 110KW EURO5 22611AS901 DENSO ECU whole,
    “virgin content” asap. I mean a content to virginise an ECU, like it would be new from factory, because at falshing it over OBD something, somehow went wrong but not in the processor (I checked it ), but maybe in other area how ever it happened. It probably misses a few bytes what another ecu in the car wants to
    communicate with (like the ignition key module), because I can start the car with an extra wire connected to the starter engine relais.

    So it would be a VERY big help for me to get a whole virgin ECU content for this car.

    Thank You!



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