Lineartronic (CVT)


Lineartronic is Subaru’s brand name for its CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). Available for petrol models since 2009, as for diesel it has been first available with MY 2013 Outback.

CVT models are equipped with a TCU, its firmware can be updated, data logging is also supported.

Generic Lineartronic information:

Press release: “The Lineartronic transmission fitted to the Forester’s 2.0-litre diesel engine is the same high-capacity CVT found on the powerful 240 ps XT Turbo model, and is engineered to manage the diesel engine’s high 350 Nm torque output.” …

Gear Ratios

Gear Ratio
D Range 3.505 – 0.544
1 3.505
2 2.285
3 1.567
4 1.179
5 0.910
6 0.723
7 0.582
R 3.407