RomRaider Logger Definitions

Go to RomRaider forum – RomRaider logger definitions for latest definitions:

Data below is our initial work for diesel models which has been incorporated into RomRaider official definitions.
Also, year 2011 RomRaider logger def XML format may not work anymore using recent RomRaider versions.

We’ve assembled a special diesel definitions file for RomRaider logger software. It does not contain (unneeded) gasoline specific items, making the file a lot smaller and easier to edit. There’s lots of diesel specific things not found in generic RR defs.

As always, no guarantees. Please report any issues, even slight naming suggestions are welcome!


Rename to .zip, extract the XML file and point RomRaider logger to it.

Latest version:

Older version:

Current Release Notes

Update 2011-02-25: added some extended params incl. support for Forester 6144D87207=JP3F501A; Defogger SW now has id “S20” so users don’t have to adjust RR logger.xml settings file anymore in order to use RR’s trigger feature.

This exact version has been designed to match SSM2 init data of 2009/2010 closed-type DPF Boxer Diesel models – these share exact same init data so same parameters and switches will be available.
Of course the definition file also works for older MY2008/2009 Legacy/Outback diesel models fitted with open-type DPF system. Some parameters for DPF, EGTs do not apply here and should disappear in RR’s list box when connected. Switches are almost identical to closed-type DPF models.
In addition some extended parameters (RAM variables) are included for some ROMs. Unfortunately these are  ROM specific. They allow higher precision data display or values that cannot be retrieved otherwise. For ext. params (name ends with ‘*’) to show up in RR you need a working connection as RR won’t know in advance what ROMID you’ve got.


5 responses to “RomRaider Logger Definitions

  1. FYI, RomRaider Logger supports diesel standard and extended parameters in the latest logger.xml experimental definition along with TCU logging.


    • THX, will try and report soon…
      It’s still difficult to setup – no J2534 device selection yet?


      • “no J2534 device selection yet?”
        J2534 is automatically supported by the logger, just not using the CAN protocol, only serial.


      • I think we were talking about a way to select one of multiple installed J2534 interface devices – different brands, virtual ones for ECU simulation etc. I remember seeing RR Java code that always (?) picks first device from registry… Not sure about latest version.


  2. Is it normal that:
    EGR Valve Opening Angle Target (deg)
    EGR Valve Opening Angle (deg)

    are always reported as 0?

    I am using 6144D87507.


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