Software Subaru petrol & diesel relevant prococols
(ISO 14230)
via Serial
SSM1 SSM2 via Serial SSM2 via CAN OBD-II via CAN Extended
SSM-III Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
FreeSSM No Yes Yes No No No
RomRaider Logger No No Yes 1) Yes Yes No
BtSsm No No Yes 1) Yes No No
Openport 2.0 Stand-Alone Logging ??? No Yes 2) Yes 2) Yes 2) Yes 2)
Torque Pro ??? No Yes ??? Yes Yes 2)
  1. Also supports continuous push mode (RomRaider: “fast poll”) for faster sampling.
  2. Configuration data is required. Usually definitions are made in some text format which can be shared easily. Check forums, wiki etc. for sources.

See page Protocols for overview on protocols and further details.

Subaru specific

Use these to get most information out of control units on Subaru cars. However, not all control units in a Subaru car support Subaru specific protocols, usually works for ECU and TCU.